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Cromia dominio in vendita o in affitto

cromìa [from gr. -χρωμία, der. of χρῶμα «color»].
it means «color, coloration.

Strengths of cromia:

1) .com: is a suffix for domains of supersetector commercial applicability; it is often considered the 0 point of a brand's communication, especially if you have an e.commerce project in mind.
2) Longevity: registered since 2000-02-29, the longevity of the domain protects it from those who subsequently carried out subsequent actions of defense of the copyright.
3) Shortness: composed of only 6 letters. Domains with only six letters are very difficult to purchase outside the back-order systems.
4) Ductile: suitable for creating a brand in different fields of application: design, printing, architecture, fashion, ...
5) Memoriazabile: easy to remember in all languages.

Applicability sectors is a domain name particularly suitable in the field of war, printing and screen printing.
In the Italian field, the domain is used by a well-known brand operating in the field of leather goods.
The last known use of is in a well-known Spanish architecture studio.

Geographical areas of relevance

The Cromia domain, given its brevity and proximity to the Greek, can easily be used in all European languages, but the grammatical correctness of the domain is compliant in Italian and Spanish.

Comparative estimate of the value:

As of 07/12/2017 the domain of lesser value, but on the same color segment is quoted in back-order for $ 3,995.00

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